Would you like the ability to create dynamic PowerPoint presentations that include video and audio lectures that you record from your computer to add to a conventional or hybrid course? Have you ever wanted to write directly on slides while explaining the steps involved in solving a complicated math problem? Would you like to add interactive quizzes and polls to your PowerPoint to help ensure your students comprehend the information covered in the presentation? If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, you might want to test drive the free Beta version of Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint. All you need is to have Office 2013 installed on your computer and the free Office Mix add-in. (The link for obtaining the add-in is provided below.)

With Office Mix, you can turn static presentations into engaging content without the need to search for outside apps that you may or may not be able to integrate into your PowerPoint presentation. You can create your own audio and video lecture or presentation slides in a new or existing PowerPoint presentation using your computer's video camera and recorder and the Mix add-in. You can even add a screen recording with audio to show your students or colleagues how to work with a particular piece of software or demonstrate how to complete a complex task or problem. In addition, you can add an interactive Free Response, Multiple Choice, or True/False Quiz or a Multiple Response Poll by installing one of the free apps easily downloaded from the My Apps Store. Students can take the quiz online and see their quiz results immediately with any additional feedback that you might want to provide. Once your PowerPoint presentation is completed, it can be uploaded and shared with whomever you want by sharing the link. Alternativley, you can export your completed presentation file as a video and attach it to your Blackboard course. In this way, presentations can be viewed on any device with a browser and viewers have the ability to watch the presentation whenever and wherever they want.

The one thing that you do have to remember though is that this is a Beta version with limited support from Microsoft Office. It also means that some features are not fully functional and there is always a potential for bugs in the program. However, it is also a good opportunity for you to test the add-in and provide Microsoft with feedback on how to improve the add-in to do what you really want it to do. If you are interested in downloading the add-in and giving it a test drive, then go to https://mix.office.com/ to download the Office Mix add-in.

To download the add-in,

  1. Select Sign in with your organizational account from the Sign in drop-down list in the top right-hand corner of the page.
    (Note: Before trying to install the program, be sure to have PowerPoint closed.)

    Microsoft Office Sign In Menu with Sign in with your organizational account selected from the Sign in drop-down list.

  2. Enter your full UT email address in the box that says someone@example.com and click on Sign in.

    OfficeMix sign in menu.

  3. Then, in the next window provide your UT username and password.

    University of Tampa sign in menu showing the username and password.

  4. Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the next screen that opens and click on the orange Download Office Mix button. (Be sure to save the link to a place you will easily remember.)

    Download Office mix button.

  5. Finally, install the add-in from the place that you saved it.

 After you install the add-in, you will notice that a Mix tab has been added to your ribbon the next time you open PowerPoint.

OfficeMix Menu bar showing the Office Mix update tab installed.

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