This article will explain how to download or print your class roster from SpartanWeb.

At the beginning of the semster, many instructors like to have a list of their students' names or place names with faces of their students. This article will guide you through the steps of obtaining a printable list of names with or without photos of your students in your course or courses.

  1. Log onto SpartanWebNew Window.
  2. On the Home tab, Click on Course Details, Class List, and Grade Entry in the Useful Links section.

    Useful Links

  3. In the Faculty Course Control window, make sure the term is set to the current term in the Term: drop-down menu.

    Term Drop-down list

  4. Click on the View Courses button if the courses for the term are not showing.

    View Course button

  5. Next, select Class List from the drop-down list after the course for which you want to download the roster. If you have more than one section, use the drop-down menu after each course to get to the Class List page.

    Course area Class List

  6. When you first use spartan web, the students photos are usually hidden. To show them, click on the Set Options link near the top of the page.

    Set Options link

  7. Make sure to put a check in the Show Photos box and click the Save button. Now, you will now see a photo before each of the students' names.

    Portal User Options window               Sample roster including photos
  8. You can export the list to an Excel spreadsheet without the photos by clicking on the link directly above the class list

    Export to Excel link

    or print a Printer Friendly version with photos by clicking on the Printer Friendly link in the top-right corner of the window.

    Printer Friendly link

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