This article explains how to view past course rosters in SpartanWeb.

If you have taught courses in the past, and currently have an active SpartanWeb account, you can view the courses and rosters in SpartanWeb. (Past courses are shown in Blackboard for approximatley 2 regular (i.e., Spring and Fall) terms after the course ends.)

  1. Once logged into Spartan Web, choose the Academics tab from the top menu.

    Academics Tab in Spartan Web
  2. Select the LMS Tools link from the left navigataion menu.

    LMS Tools link

  3. Click on the Course ID to enter the course.
    Click the course link

  4. Click the Collaboration link.

    Collaboration link

  5. Click the Coursemates link to see the roster.

    Coursemates link

  6. Click the Hide Images (or Show Images) link as desired.

    Show or Hide Images link

  7. At the bottom of the roster are options for e-mailing students or printing the roster.
    E-mail and Print options