This article explains how to use the Advisor Portlet on SpartanWeb in order to Grant your advisees clearance for purposes of Add/Drop or Registration. The steps are as follows:

  1. Log into SpartanWebNew Window


  2. Click on the Academics tab in the top row.


  3. In the Advisee Roster module, change the Advisee Status: drop-down list from All to Needs Registration Clearance.

    Advisee Roster with Needs Registration Clearance being selected.


  4. From the Term: drop-down list, select the current term if you are clearing a student for Add/Drop for the current term or select the upcoming term to clear a student for Registration for the next term as in the image below.

    Advisee Staus set for Need Registeration Clearance and Search button selected.


  5. Click on Search.


  6. A list of your advisees appears in the next window that opens as well as a Registration Clearance column.

    Window showing list of Advisees and Registeration Clearance Column with Grant button.


  7. Click on the Grant button after the name for each advisee to grant them clearance. If the button reads Remove, you can click it to take away registration clearance.
    Note:The Remove option is only available during the Registration period.

Advisee Details:
To see details for a particular advisee:

  • Click the "i" icon to see student photo, UT email address and any other information the student has elected to share.
  • Click on the student's name to access links to the student's Unofficial Transcript, Transfer Course Report, Schedule, and Degree Guide.

Technical Assistance:
If you experience technical difficulties, you can seek help from:

  • ITS Help Desk ext 6293
  • Academic Advising ext 5757

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