New Faculty Training Guide

This training guide provides a list of the general topics Educational Technology provides in new adjunct & faculty training sessions, and links to articles detailing each procedure. We also have a digital print-friendly PDF versionPDF Download of this article.

  1. UT homepageNew Window
    1. Directory
    2. Academic CalendarNew Window
    3. Tools
      1. Web Mail
      2. Blackboard
      3. SpartanWeb
      4. Library
  2. Domain Login
    1. Logon with Username and Password
    2. Password Reset Utility and Instructions
      1. Reset.ut.eduNew Window and instructions on SpartanWeb at Self-Service Password Reset InformationNew Window.
    3. Logon to Web mailNew Window or from Tools on UT homepageNew Window
  3. SpartanWebNew Window
    1. Have SpartanWeb password sent to your UT email accountNew Window
    2. Logon: (Enter Employee ID and the Password from email)
    3. Change PasswordNew Window
    4. Employee Payroll Section
    5. IT Software/Technology DiscountsNew Window
    6. Reserving a roomNew Window
    7. Class RosterNew Window
    8. Clearing Students for RegistrationNew Window
    9. Enter GradesNew Window
  4. BlackboardNew Window
    1. Logon: (Enter Username and the Password provided by IT helpdesk at (813) 253-6293)
    2. Change PasswordNew Window or hereNew Window
    3. Getting StartedNew Window
      1. Edit ModeNew Window
      2. Tool linkNew Window
      3. Content areaNew Window
      4. Building an itemNew Window
      5. Setting course entry pointNew Window
      6. Making course availableNew Window
    4. Assignments
      1. Create AssignmentNew Window
      2. Turnitin AssignmentsNew Window
    5. Rubrics
      1. Creating and Video hereNew Window
      2. AssociatingNew Window
      3. GradingNew Window
    6. Assessments
      1. Creating TestsNew Window
        1. Test items and hereNew Window
        2. Randomized Item SetsNew Window
    7. Grade Center
      1. Add columnNew Window
      2. Edit ColumnNew Window
      3. Column organizationNew Window
      4. Entering GradesNew Window
      5. Row visibility/hiding studentsNew Window
      6. Hiding course from studentsNew Window
      7. Weighted grades and Video hereNew Window