This tutorial will explain how to set up an Android device for Office 365 mail.

It is often necessary for faculty and staff to access a campus email account and calendar from a mobile device when access from an office computer is not possible. With Office 365, you can now easily sync your email and calendar to a mobile phone or tablet running an Android operating system. (Note: The device used to create the steps in this tutorial was a Samsung GS4 running Android version 4.2.2, so some of your screens may look slightly different.)

  1. From the Home Screen tap the Settings button. (NOTE: The way to access settings may vary depending on your type of phone or tablet.)

    Android Settings Button.A

  2. Go to Accounts and tap Add Account

    Android Accounts Menu with Add Account circled.
  3. Tap Microsoft Exchange Active Sync to add your UT account (It may be Corporate on some devices.)

    Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Button.
  4. In the Add an Exchange Account dialog window: (Note: Your window may look different.)

    A. Enter your UT email address in the Email Address: field.
    B. Enter your Domain password.
    C. Tap Next

     Add account screen with Username, Password, and Next fields circled.


  5. In the Server Settings dialog box:

    A. Enter \ followed by YourUserName followed by (In other words \your UT email address without any spaces) in the Domain\Username field
    B. Enter your Domain password in the Password field.
    C. Enter in the Exchange Server field.
    D. Check the Use secure connection Check box.
    E. Tap Next.

    Sever Settings Screen with fields filled in
  6. In the Remote security administration window tap OK.

    Remote security administration window with OK circled.


  7. Select your settings in the Account options dialog box and tap Next.
    (You can set A. How often to sync on a daily basis, B. When to sync during the work week with Peak Schedule, and C. What to sync in this window.)

    Account Options window with options listed circled.


  8. To complete the set up

    A. Enter UT email or Your Name for the account name in the Set up email dialog box
    B. Tap Done.

  9. Return to your home screen and open your email application. Depending on the Account Options you selected, it may take a few minutes for your email and calendar to sync.

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