These instructions will explain how to redirect your UT email inbox to another account using settings in your UT Web Email.

 If you would like to receive and check your inbox UT email from a personal email account or would like to have a co-worker check your email while you are out of the office, follow these directions to redirect your UT email to another account.

  1. Log into UT Web MailNew Window.
  2. Click on the Settings cog and then choose Options from the drop-down list.

    Settings Options

  3. Click on Inbox and sweep rules on the Options menu.

    Inbox and Sweep rules

  4. Add a new rule in the Inbox rules window by clicking on the Plus sign.

    Inbox Rules Section

  5. Create the new inbox rule by typing in the rule name in the Name text box and selecting the [Apply to all messages] and Redirect the message to... options from the two drop-down lists.

    Redirect message option

  6. Next, type the address to which you want to redirect your email in the text box or click on it if it self-populates. In addition, you can search the global address book to locate an email address to which you want to redirect the email and click on it.

    Add recipient

  7. Once you have selected the address, you will see the recipient added to the list. You can add additional accounts by repeating the previous step.

    Added recipient

  8. Click outside of the box and then click OK when you are done.

    Redirect rule OK

  9. Your new rule has been created.

    Redirect rule On

  10. To turn off the rule, navigate back to the Inbox rules followings step 1 -3 and uncheck the check box in front of the rule.

    Redirect rule Off

What else you need to know:
• Messages that are redirected will appear to come from the original sender not from your account. When you reply to a message that has been redirected, the reply will be sent to the original sender.
• A copy of redirected messages will remain in your mailbox. After one year, messages will be moved to your Personal Archive folder. If you would like to remove messages from the server, you may set up a Rule on O365. When logged on O365, click on the in the upper right corner of the display for help configuring Rules.

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