This article will guide you through the steps necessary for initially setting up your Office 365 account.

Before you can download and install Office 365 software to your individually owned computer(s)*, you have to log into your UT Web Mail account and complete the initial set up. In order to do this, please follow these steps.

(If you have already done this, please read the linked article for more information on Installing Office 365 New Window.)

*Note: It is important that you do not install Office 365 on your UT issued computer or tablet.

  1. To set up Office 365, log onto UT Web Mail by entering your full username, including, and password into the appropriate text boxes and then clicking on Sign In.

    Web Mail Portal

  2. Next, on the Set Up Screen – Choose the appropriate Language: and Time zone: settings from drop-down lists and click on Save.

    Office 365 Set Up Preferences Window

  3. The following Notification window will now open in the upper right corner of your browser.

    Office 365 Install Now Notification Window

    Click Install now only if you are on your own personal computer. Otherwise, click on the X and run the install later once you are on your own computer.

    Note: This notification will appear every time you use Web Mail until you either stop notifications or until you install the software onto one of your individually owned computers.
    Note: Only install the software if you are on your own individually owned computer(s).
    Note: You should not install Office 365 on a machine that already has Office 2010 or 2013 installed because having the two programs on the same machine will cause conflicts.

Please read the linked article for more information on Installing Office 365 New Window.

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