This article describes how to create a more accessible Microsoft Word 2016 document using Alt Text.

Alt Text makes documents more accessible to users with disabilities.

  1. Right-click the image or object, and select Format Picture.

    Image showing options amd Format Picture circled.

  2. Select the Layout and Properties icon.

    Format Picture Menu with Layout and Properties icon circled.

  3. Choose Alt Text and fill out the Title and Description. The screen reader first reads the title. The person can then decide whether to hear a longer description. Make the description as specific as possible. "Two-tone black and blue Harley-Davidson Sportster, model Year 2012." is a far better description than "Motorcycle."

    Alt Text screen with Title and Description filled in

  4. When finished, simply click the X in the upper right corner of the Alt Text dialog box to close. Your changes will be saved.

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