This article contains instructions on completing a Mail Merge using Microsoft Word.

  1.  Open the Ribbon in Word and select Mailings.

    Mailings tab circled on Word ribbon

  2. Select the appropriate item. In this example, we will create a letter.

    Start Mail Merge options circled on drop-down list

  3. Choose from where the mail merge data will come.

    Select Recipients options circled on drop-down list

  4. Select the appropriate file and click Open.

    File to be merged circled

  5. Select the desired workbook sheet and click OK.

    Select Table window with workbook sheets available for merging

  6. Now all the necessary data is stored for use in creating the document.

    Insert Merge Field options circled on drop-down list

  7. The letter can now be created by adding in the necessary fields as you type.

    Letter being created with mail merge fields and Insert Merge Field circled on ribbon.

  8. Once the letter is complete, use the Finish and Merge button to continue. Choosing Edit individual documents will provide a preview of all merged letters.

    Finish and Merge options circled on drop-down list

  9. Select All to merge all information into a new document that can be saved.

    Merge to New Document window with All radio button selected

  10. For e-mails, choose the drop-down box to pick the merge field to which the e-mails will be sent, then add the subject line and click OK to distribute the e-mails.

    Merge to E-mail window with options circled

  11. For  labels, choose the brand and number and click OK.

    Label Options window

  12. Once the Insert Merge Field has been selected, add the necessary information to the labels and choose Update Labels.

    Update Labels circled on Mailings tab

  13. Now the Finish and Merge section can be used to view and/or print the the finalized labels.

    Finish and Merge options drop-down list

  14. The finished labels are shown below.


Mac instructions can be found on this page.

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