This tutorial will explain how to create and use a template in Microsoft Office Outlook 2016.

Save an email message as a template

  1. Select the email message you want to use as a template.

  2. Select File > Save As Template.

  3. Provide a name for the template, such as "Monthly Status."

  4. Apply a tag if desired. Choices are Red, Blue, Important, Work, and so on.

    Mac Template Tags

  5. Set a name, tag, and save location for your email template.

  6. Select the location where you want the template to be saved.

  7. Select Save.

Create an new email using a template

  1. Select File > New > Email From Template.

  2. Select the template location and name. The name will end with .emltpl.

    MAC Templates

  3. Pick the email template you want to use.

  4. Select Open.

  5. Add your email message content and recipients, and choose Send.

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