This tutorial will explain how to create and use an email like a template in Microsoft Office Outlook 2011.

While Outlook 2011 does not provide the option to save email templates, there ar two methods that you can emplot to  save yourself time if you find that you are sending the same email message numerous times. This tutorial will explain 2 methods to help you create, save, and access an email that can be used like a template.

Template workaround number 1 - Copy Method.

To Create a message and save it.

  1. Create a new folder named My Templates.
  2. Create your email including the subject and body message.
  3. Save the email as a draft.
  4. Drag the draft to the MyTemplates folder that you created in step 1.

When you are ready to send an new email using the draft message. . .

  1. Highlight the email.
  2. Press Option and drag out a copy of the message.
  3. Click on the new copy.
  4. Add recipient(s)
  5. Press Send

Template workaround number 2 - Scrapbook Method.

To Add Message

  1. Open New email.
  2. Create your email's body message.

    Outlook email showing subject and body.

  3. Highlight text you wish to save.

    Outlook email showing highlighted text in body.

  4. Click on Options tab.

  5. Click on Scrapbook.

    Outlook Options tab with scrapbook selected.
  6. Click on Add.

    Outlook Add button.

  7. Close Scrapbook and email when done.

To Send the Message

  1. Open New email.
  2. Add recipient(s).
  3. Place curser in the message field of email.
  4. Click on Options tab
  5. Click on Scrapbook.

    Outlook Options tab with scrapbook selected.

  6. Select the message you wish to send.

    Outlook message showing new clipping, date, and size.

  7. Click Paste

    Paste option.

  8. Close Scrapbook.

  9. Click on Message tab.

    Outlook message tab with Send button.
  10. Click Send.


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