This tutorial will explain how to use Jumplists with Outlook.

Are you tired of having multiple apps open on your desktop? Is your computer slowing down because of all of the apps you are running? Is Outlook buried under multiple open windows?

Good News! Jumplists is a Windows 7  feature which allows you to right-click on any icon on the taskbar to open a pop-up "jumplist" menu.

With the Outlook Jumplist, you can create an e-mail message, appointment, meeting, contact, or task by selecting the action from the jumplist even if Outlook isn't open. In fact,  the only Outlook interface that opens is the one you need to complete the task.

To open Outlook's Jumplist:

  1. Move your mouses' cursor over the Outlook icon on the task bar.
  2. Click your mouses' right-click button.
  3. Select the task you would like to complete.

    Outlook Tasks list.

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