Follow these links to Microsoft Support to view short video tutorials on using Outlook in Microsoft Office 2013 or view all links at Get Started in Office 2013New Window

Get going fastNew Window. This video shows you the top 5 things that have changed in Outlook 2013. Duration 1m 57s

A first look at Outlook 2013New Window. In this video, take an in depth look at Outlook 2013: from starting it up, to organizing and formatting your email. Also learn about the three major places to find things: in the workspace, on the ribbon, and in the Backstage. Duration 3m 30s

A closer look at the ribbonNew Window.  Take a tour of the ribbon and learn where all your favorite buttons, menus, and commands are. Duration 4m 3s

Import data filesNew Window.  If you’re missing some old email in your folder list, you may be able to add it back to Outlook 2013 by importing a data file. Duration 2m 42s