This tutorial will explain how to edit a Mediasite slide.

My Mediasite allows you to add titles and descriptions to your slides using the Slide Editor. Titles and descriptions can be read in screen readers. You can also use the Slide Editor to save a slide as a thumbnail.

If you need to edit a presentation's slides, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate the folders or use the search feature to locate your presentation. Click the presentation to view its Summary page.
  2. Click Edit Slides to launch the Slide Editor.

    Mediasite My presentation window with Edit Slides circled.

    Launch the Slide Editor.

  3. Click a slide to launch the editing dialog. Add a title and description for the slides.
  4. Select the Set as thumbnail check box to make the slide a thumbnail for the presentation. If there is not a presenter image associated with the presentation, this is the image users will see when they view the presentation in a catalog.
  5. ClickSave.

    Slides Editor Menu with Save selected.

Use the Slide Editor to add slide titles and descriptions

Edit SlidesNew Window