This tutorial will explain how to share a Mediasite Presentation.

You can download on-demand presentations as portable presentations to any location available from your network. Portable presentations, also known as "publish to go" presentations, are presentations users can view without being connected to a network-that is, you can distribute them on corporate intranets, DVDs, or CDs. The content for a portable presentation is the same as the original on-demand presentation except interactivity is disabled. Each portable presentation contains a launch file (Player.html) and all files required to view them.
Portable presentations are downloaded files so you must unzip them before they can be played back, hosted on a server, or copied to a CD or DVD.

If you need to download a portable presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate the folders or use the search feature to locate your presentation. Click the presentation to view its Summary page.
  2. Click Download presentation. If a "publish to go" package has not already been created for the presentation, you will see a message indicating this. Click Submit to create the package. The process may take a few minutes.
  3. Once the package has been created, click Download. Save the file and browse to the download location. The name of the zip file will match the presentation's title.


    • Once you download a portable presentation, it is outside of the Mediasite system. Therefore, the security features available with live and on-demand presentations are not available with portable presentations.
    • If the download feature is not available for your presentations, it may not be enabled or you may not have the appropriate permissions. For more information, contact your Mediasite administrator.

Mediasite My presentation Menu with Download Presentation circled.

Download publish to go presentation

Download Presentation New Window