This tutorial will explain how to change the delivery setting in a Mediasite Presentation.

Before you make your presentation available, it is important to set the delivery settings. These include settings for audio transcriptions, podcasts, publish to go, and thumbnails.

On the Edit page, click Delivery to specify additional content for the presentation:

  • Audio Transcriptions: Select this check box to enable audio transcriptions for the presentation. Once a presentation is recorded and published to Mediasite, you can add closed captions to the on-demand presentation. Add closed captions to a presentation by creating a Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange (SAMI), SubRip (SRT), or Distribution Format Exchange Profile (DFXP) file, using a third-party captioning software or service, and linking it to your presentation. All Players support presentations with closed captions added.
    • Select Manual Upload and click Select a file to navigate to the location containing the file you will use for closed captions.
    • Select Choose a Provider and select the automated provider you want to use from the drop-down list.
      NOTE: Sonic Foundry does not provide SAMI, SRT, or DFXP files or tools for authoring them. If you are using an automated captioning service, you must already have an existing account with valid credentials.
  • Podcast: Select this check box to enable podcasting on the presentation. Select the quality (encoding rate) from the drop-down list. The higher the rate at which the MP3 files are encoded the higher the quality during playback. However, this also increases the size of the file.
  • Publish To Go: Select this check box to enable download and offline viewing of your presentation. The content for a portable presentation is the same as the original on-demand presentation except that interactivity is disabled.
  • Thumbnail: Select a file to change the thumbnail image for the presentation. When a new thumbnail image is selected, this image is displayed in place of the one associated with the presentation's primary presenter. Updating the thumbnail image to a presentation allows you to vary the images, especially when there are multiple presentations with the same presenter.

Mediasite presentation Menu showing delivery settings.

Update presentation's delivery settings

Update Presentation's Delivery SettingsNew Window