This tutorial will explain how to change the information details in a Mediasite Presentation.

Before you make your presentation available, it is a good idea to set the information details to provide users with additional information that you feel is important to make it easier to search for your presentation and to add additional links.

On the Edit page, click Information to update the presentation's title, description, presenters, or to add links:

  • Title: Enter a descriptive title for the presentation because titles can be searched in catalogs, the Recorder, and Editor later.
  • Description: Enter a short description of the presentation. Descriptions can be searched in catalogs later.
  • Presenters:
    • Click the "Edit item" button next to a presenter to update its details.
    • Click the "Delete item" button next to a presenter to remove it.
    • Click Add New or Existing Presenters to add additional presenters. Use the search feature to find presenters that have already been added on the Mediasite. Click Add New to specify the details for a new presenter.
  • Links: Enter the name and URL for each hyperlink you want to add to your presentation. Your audience will be able to click the links in the Player to view other websites or online documents. Click Add after you enter each link's details to add additional ones.

Mediasite Presentation Information tab.

Update presentation's information settings

Update Presentation's Information SettingsNew Window