This tutorial will explain how to change the general setting in a Mediasite Presentation.

Before you make your presentation available, it is important to set the general settings. These include visibility, folder location, and the record date, time, and duration.

On the Edit page, update the general settings as needed:

  • Visibility: Update this setting to make presentation visible to other users or to just you:
    •  Private: Only you and your Mediasite administrator will be able to view this presentation.
    •  Viewable: You and users with appropriate permissions will be able to view the presentation.
  • Folder: Select a folder in the drop-down list to update the presentation's location.
  • Date/Duration: Specify the date and time, including the time zone, the presentation will be recorded and its duration. Entering the presentation's record date, time, and duration does not limit you to starting and ending the presentation at the specified date and times.

    Mediasite presentation main window with general settings.

Update presentation's general settings

Update Presentation’s General SettingsNew Window