This tutorial will explain how to downlaod the Mediasite recorder to your desktop.

In order to create mediasite videos, you will need to set up a mediasite account by opening an IT Helpdesk ticket, and then downloading the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) from My MediasiteNew Window and install it on your computer. You can then use MDR to record your desktop and create presentations.
You can use MDR to record the following:

  • Screencast + Video: Full-motion video of desktop with slides extracted + video from a camera with audio from microphone.
  • Screencast + Audio: Full-motion video of desktop with slides extracted + audio from microphone.
    Slides from desktop + audio from microphone.
  • Slideshow + Video: Slides from desktop + video from a camera with audio from microphone.
  • Slideshow + Audio:

To install Mediasite Desktop Recorder:

  1. In the lower left corner of My Mediasite, click Download the Desktop Recorder.
    If you attempt to record presentation and MDR is not installed, you will see a tooltip that says "Desktop Recorder Not launching? Click here to download." Click the link.

    My Mediasite window to download the Desktop Recorder.

    Download Mediasite Desktop Recorder

  2. The full instructions for downloading, installing, and recording MDR are displayed. The platform on which you are installing the software is automatically detected. If the incorrect platform is detected, click the link directly below the download button to select the correct software.
  3. Review the listed minimum system requirements for your platform. Ensure your computer or laptop meets these requirements BEFORE you download the software.
  4. Click Download Desktop Recorder for [platform].

    Desktop Recorder window with download steps.

    Download instructions

  5. When Terms and Conditions dialog appears, read through the information shown and click I agree.
  6. When you are prompted to save the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Setup.exe file, click Save File.
  7. After you download the software, navigate to the download location and launch the file to begin installation. Follow prompts in the wizard to install the software.
  8. Once the software is installed, return to the download page and click Register Mediasite Desktop Recorder. Once successfully registered, MDR automatically launches and you will be signed in. Note: If you get a validation error notice, you will need to check your email and follow the instructions for authenticating your account. If you receive the validation error, and do not receive an email, you will need to contact the helpdesk.
  9. You can now start creating and uploading content.

    Mediasite Desktop Recorder Menu.

Registered Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Install Mediasite Desktop RecorderNew Window