This tutorial explains how to create Easy Links in Hoonuit.

 You can generate html to direct others to specific training. The HTML generator will create the links that you can post to the Blackboard LMS.

  1. Login to Hoonuit and choose a tutorials series. Above the list of availlable tutorials, choose Easy Links. 



  2. Clicking this opens a window where you can choose which tutorials to include in the Easy Links or you can click on Check All to include all the of tutorials in that series. Once you’ve selected the tutorials, click the Preview Easy Links button. You will see a preview of how your direct links will appear. 



  3. Next click Get Easy Links HTML. 



  4. Then you can copy and paste the HTML to Blackboard. (Note: The keyboard shortcut for copying and pasting is CTRL+C on a PC and CMD+C on a Mac.)














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