This article explains how to view Turnitin Assignments from the gradebook.

Turnitin assignments must be accessed through the gradebook in order to be viewed and graded.

To view a Turnitin assignment through gradebook:

  1. From inside the course, go to Grade Center, and then click Full Grade Center.

    Blackboard Grade Center with Full Grade Center circled.

  2. Next to the Turnitin Assigment that needs grading (yellow circle with excalamation point), select the gray checkbox. Click on View Grade Details.

    Grading options drop-down list with View Grade Details indicateded.


  3. On the next screen, click Grade Attempt.

    Grade Details with Grade Attempt circled.

  4. On the next screen, click the icon next to User's Attempt. It should look like a piece of paper with a blue sphere in front of it.

  5. The assignment will appear on the Grade Mark screen.

    Blackboard Grade Mark Screen showing the assignment.


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