This document will show you how to create a new user, create a new course, upload survey participants, and generate surveys in your Class Climate subunit.

  1. First login to the Class Climate websiteNew Window using your previously supplied credentials.

  2. To add an instructor, manually click on "Create New User"

    Subunits menu with Create New User circled.

  3. Select the user type, define the attributes of the user, and define the user rights as shown below. Note: When defining the attributes of the user, always leave as neutral.

    3 User option selection windows.

Create a new course and Adding survey participants

  1. To add a new course manually, simply click on the [number] in the CO column, for the appropriate instructor. Next, click on "Create New Course".

    Users in Subunit and User page with CO number and Create New Course circled.
  2. Add the appropriate information for the course. Be sure to choose the evaluation period. Do not set as repetitive.

    Edit course of Dr. Class Climate page.
  3. You can choose to add the participants to the course one at a time, or by uploading a file. All files uploaded into the system must be in these formats (with the header rows removed and must be save as .CSV files. (If you have a Mac save the document as a Windows Comma Separated .CSV file.)

    Administrate participants page with CSV Import of Survey Participant Data upload option

  4. Use the area circled below to upload a .CSV file with course information. Make sure that the box next to "CSV file contains a column with information whether the course has secondary instructors" is NOT checked. Click "browse" to find the appropriate file, then click "import".

    Users in subunit page with Create New User and Import Instructors from CSV File circled.


Generating Surveys

Now that your questionnaire has been built, and your course(s) and participants lists have been uploaded, you are ready to generate your surveys.

  1. Click on "Generate Surveys".

    List of all subunits page with Generate Surveys circled under Central Evaluation.
  2. You will choose the appropriate information for each field.
    Note: Always use Time Controls for online surveys.

    Generate Surveys page with online and paper instructional textboxes.
  3. You will now set the start date and time and any reminders, and the stop date and time for the survey. Begin by clicking on "Activate".

    Scheduled Tasks page with Activate button circled.
  4. Once you have activated the PSWDs to respondents, you will need to click "Edit" to set the date and time. You will then use the calendar to set the date and time for your survey to begin. All survey emails should be sent between 12AM and 5AM (if possible). Typically surveys start at the top of the hour. Once you have your date and time, click "Save". NEVER CLICK "RUN NOW".

  5. Repeat the steps: Activate, Edit, Set Date and Time to being reminders. Also, you will need to decide how often you would like the reminders to be sent, and indicate that. Once you are done, click "Save".

    Scheduled Tasks page with Single Reminder radio button option selected and circled.
  6. Now set the end date and time for your survey. Follow the same steps: Activate, Edit, Select Date and Time, then click "Save". If you are running a course evaluation, the report CAN NOT be sent to the faculty when the survey ends so be sure not to select Automatic report dispatch (PDF) to the instructor (s) after closing the survey. Again, DO NOT CLICK "RUN NOW".

    Arrow indicating Automatic report dispatch (PDF) to the instructor (s).
  7. To check on your surveys, click on "Scheduled Tasks". Narrow down the information by selecting the appropriate areas in the boxes provided. You will see the scheduled tasks for your survey. If you need to make changes to any of the tasks, you can do so from this section by using the drop down boxes located at the bottom of the list of surveys, or by clicking on the green pencil next to the task to be edited.

    Scheduled Tasks page with areas to narrow down information circled.

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