This article explains the Open Badge Sets available at UT, and provides instructions for obtaining and using them.

Open BadgesNew Window are micro-credentials used to recognize a variety of academic and non-academic activities, similiarly to certificates. Unlike certificates, badges include a layer of evidence showing the performance standards required to achieve the badge. Badges can be exported from the Blackboard systemNew Window into Mozilla BackpackNew Window, where they can be displayed publicly on social media, in portfolios, and on websites individually or in collections. At UT, Open Badges are issued through the Blackboard system using the Achievements toolNew Window.   

How it Works

In partnership with the Public Information Department, the Educational Technology Department has created a set of approved Open Badge Images that can be issued from each college for a variety of activities. Each college has a unique badge shield, and a set of symbols useful for denoting a number of different activity categories. The badges can be customized to represent academic or non-academic uses, and have a star system that represents up to 4 levels of achievement (no stars, level 1/1 star, level 2/2 stars, and level 3/3 stars). 

How to Start Using Badges

If you are a faculty or stafff member at UT who is interested in using Open Badges for your course, project, department, or other purpose, please contact the Educational Technology DepartmentNew Window so we can provide the image sets and help you get everything set up!


UT Badge Ecosystem