Exporting Open Badges (Achievements) to Mozilla Backpack

Open Badges, part of the achievements system in Blackboard, can be exported to Mozilla's Backpack platform, and from there can be organized and shared on websites, social media, portfolios, resumes, and more. This article explains how to export a badge from Blackboard into Mozilla Backpack.

To export an open badge:

1. Click on Achievements.

 Content Menu with Achievements circled

 2. On the Achievements page, click Publish to Mozilla on the lower right hand side of the badge to be exported. Note: Badges that are somewhat transparent have not yet been earned. There are several views on this screen which can be changed using tabs at the top of the page.

 Acheievements Page with Publish to Mozilla circled on a badge

 3. A popup will appear prompting you to log in or sign up to your Mozilla Backpack account through Persona. Click Log In or Sign Up.


Mozilla Backpack log in prompt window


4. Enter your University of Tampa email when prompted to sign in. IMPORTANT: Your Mozilla Backpack account MUST use your University of Tampa email in order to export badges from Blackboard. If you do not have a Mozilla Backpack account, this will prompt you to create one.


Mozilla Backpack Login window


5. Click Yes when the "Accept this badge?" prompt appears.


Accept this badge prompt


6. Click Thanks once the confirmation dialogue opens.


Confirmation Dialogue


To see, organize, and share your badges, visit the Mozilla Backpack web pageNew Window. To learn more about displaying open badges, visit the Open Badges Display pageNew Window.


CC BY SA License