Follow these links to YouTube to view short video tutorials by Blackboard Inc. on building your Blackboard 9.1 course.

  1. Getting Oriented with Blackboard LearnNew Window Instructors, take a quick tour of your Blackboard Learn course environment. Find out how to access your course controls, add and edit the course menu, and edit the default Home Page. Duration 2m 51s

  2. Global Navigation and My BlackboardNew Window This video shows how to access global navigation, navigate the user menu and My Blackboard. Duration: 3m 40s

  3. How to Make Your Course Available to StudentsNew Window Courses under development are set to unavailable to prevent students from accessing them before you are ready. This tutorial shows you how to make your course available to students by changing the course properties. Duration 1m 15s|

  4. How To Design Your Course Entry PointNew Window The first page students see when they enter you course leaves a lasting impression. Use this first look to orient students and convey important information. This tutorial will show you how to set your course entry point page and add a banner image to it. Duration 1m 57s

  5. Using the Content EditorNew Window This tutorial shows you how to use the content editor to add formatted text, links, images and media to Blackboard Learn. Duration 3m 58

  6. How to Edit Your Course Home PageNew Window The course home page is a specialized page that contains dynamic content arranged in modules. Instructors can customize the display of the home page by renaming the page, and by adding and removing modules. This tutorial will show you how to add a module, remove a module, and rename the home page. 2m 17s

  7. How To Add Content to a Learning ModuleNew Window A learning module is an organized collection of content presented together. Learning modules are shells in which other content items such as files, folders and tools are added. This tutorial shows you how to add an item with an image to a learning module and place your new item in the table of contents. Duration 2m 21s

  8. My Blackboard ProfilesNew Window This video show how to set up your Blackboard profile and share it with others. Duration 2m 46s

  9. Adding a Page to the Course MenuNew Window You can help students quickly access what they need by adding links to frequently used pages in the Course Menu. You can add any type of information to the Course Menu using the Blank Page tool. This tutorial will show you how to create a blank page and set page availability. Duration 1m 10s

  10. How to Turn Tools On and Off in a CourseNew Window Setting which tools are available in your course and who can access them is a critical part of course design. Course tools allows you to control the different ways students interact, add content, and stay on track. While Blackboard has many different tools available, you need to select the best ones for your students. Duration 2m 3s