This tutorial gives an overview of the GradeMark feature of Turnitin.

Providing students with feedback is an essential part of the learning process. With Blackboard and Turnitin, viewing comments is easy withGradeMark.

GradeMark Overview

The GradeMark® digital mark-up tool allows instructors to mark and grade papers online in a paperless environment. Instructors review and grade papers offline and post all reviewed assignments and grades at the same time. Once the post date of a paper has passed, students are able to access the marked version of the paper and view any grades, comments, marks, or requested changes noted by the instructor.

Tip: If the GradeMark icon is not available (if View button appears grey), the post date of the assignment has not been reached or the instructor has not yet graded or marked the paper.

GradeMark consists of:

  • Document viewer frame - shows the Grade, the title and author of the paper. The similarity index will be displayed if the instructor has allowed students to view the Originality Report for the assignment
  • Paper text - the full content of the submitted paper, including images, as well as any marks made by the instructor.
  • GradeMark sidebar - displays the comment/mark list, general comments, and rubric scorecard information for the paper being viewed.

    GradeMark page  with Document Viewer Frame, Paper Text, and Sidebar areas circled.

Viewing Marked Papers

To view a marked paper, the student user will need to access the Turnitin link used to submit the assignment and select the blue View button next to the assignment. The student GradeMark paper view will open in a separate window in which the student may view or print the grade and comment information. Not all browsers will be able to display the complete features of the GradeMark product.

Turnitin assignment page with View button circled.


The types of mark that an instructor can make on a student submission is a combination of any of the following:

    • Comments - a comment is equivalent to the note an instructor would write in the margins of a paper


      –QuickMarks are pre-typed comments that may be used by an instructor to easily place notice of a complex or frequently used grammar, punctuation, or formatting issue. They are used just as regular comments.

General comments

      - a general comment can be added to a paper by the instructor to write a longer statement or overall review and assessment in greater depth without reference to specific marks on the paper

ETS comments

    – when setting up the assignment the instructor can elect for an automatic scan for common mistakes to be performed by ETS. These mistakes are usually highlighted in purple and will appear on the paper along with the comments inserted by the professor.

Viewing Marks

Student users are able to view the full information of a comment or QuickMark editing mark in multiple ways.

The student will need to locate and select a comment bubble on the paper. This will select the mark in question and open the comment attached to it, as well as emphasizing any highlight associated with the comment.

To view a QuickMark editing mark, the student user must move the mouse pointer over the mark to view the full information of the text associated with the mark.

Turnitin comment window with Awk. circled

When a student opens a paper in GradeMark the general comments is the default sidebar view.

GradeMark General Comments icon circled.

Sidebar General Comments dialogue box.

To view a full list of comments, the student user must select the comment list icon
located at the bottom of the sidebar.

Comment List icon circled.

Selecting the comment list icon opens a scrollable window of all comments or marks placed on the paper within the sidebar. To view the location of a mark on the paper, hover over a comment or mark in the comment list and choose the show on paper link that appears.

Comments List scrollable window.

To view the rubric scorecard for the paper, select on the rubric icon.

Rubric icon circled.

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