This article will show you how to change the notification settings in Blackboard Learn.

There are times you may want to receive more or fewer notifications from your Blackboard course or courses, and now notification settings can be set globally for all courses or for individual courses in Blackboard. You can also set how you want to receive your notifications, such as in the Dashboard. by email, or on a moble device.

  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. Choose your name, which appears in the top right-hand corner of your browser.
  3. Select the Settings tab and choose Edit Notification Settings as shown below.

    Blackboard Settings Menu with Edit Notification Settings circled.
  4. You can edit bulk notifications for your courses (or you can edit by course).

    Blackboard Bulk Edit Notification Settings with Courses I am taking circled.
  5. Add or remove check marks to meet your needs and save your changes when done.

    Blackboard Bulk Edit Notification Settings options.

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