This article will walk you through the steps necessary to add a link into a Blackboard Content Area to an Atomic Learning Video or Videos.

  1. Log into Blackboard and navigate to the course to which you want to add the Atomic Learning video(s).
  2. Click on the Appropriate Content area where you want to add the link or create a new content area first. (For this example, I have already created an Atomic Learning content area in which to add the link.)

    Menu New Content Area

  3. Mouse over Build Content in the menu and select Atomic Learning from the Mashups choices.

    Atomic Learning Mashup Link

  4. Name the link and set up any additional options you wish on the Configuration Tool screen.

    Configuration Tool Atomic Learning

  5. Click on the Submit and Select Training button at the top or bottom of the window.

    Submit and Select Training Button

  6. On the Atomic Learning site window that opens, type in the search terms for the content you wish to add and click on the Search button.

    Atomic Learning Search Button

  7. Check the boxes before the video(s) you want to add or click on Check All to add all of the videos.

    Atomic Learning Video List

  8. Click on the Preview Selections button or back button to search for further content.

    Atomic Learning Preview Button

  9. Finally, click on the Submit button to add the content link into Blackboard.

    Atomic Learning Submit Button

  10. You will see a Submission Successful Window if you have done everything correctly. Click on the Submission Successful! Back to Course button to return to your Blackboard course.

    Atomic Learning Confirmation Window

  11. The link has now been added into your Blackboard course.

    Atomic Learning Link in Blackboard

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