This tutorial will explain the steps involved in adding a Bb help video to your course Content Area for your students.

Video topics include guides for Working in Your Course, Staying Organized and Communicating, and Setting Your Preferences and Controlling Your Environment.

  1. After logging on to Bb. Click on the link in the On Demand Learning Center module from your My UT Blackboard front page.

    Blackboard On Demand Learning Center Getting Started Guides link
  2. Hover your cursor over BLACKBOARD LEARN, Release 9.0 and click on Release 9.1 from the drop down menu.

    Blackboard On Demand Learning Center homepage with Blackboard Learn Release 9.1 circled.
  3. Next, click on For Students.

    Blackboard On Demand Learning Center with For Students circled.
  4. Right-click any video to which you want to link and choose Copy Link Location.

    Videos with Copy Link Location selected under drop-down when right clicking on the video.
  5. Navigate to the Content Area in your course where you wish to add the hyperlink and select Web Link from the Build Content drop-down menu.

    Blackboard Build Content drop-down menu with Web Links selected.
  6. In section 1, Web Link Information, provide the link with a name and paste the link in the URL text box.

    Web Link Information menu showing name and URL.
  7. In section 3, you can add attachments.

  8. In section 4, decide if you want the video to open in a new window by selecting the Yes radio button.

    Web Link Options menu with Yes radio buttonselected for Open in New Window.
  9. In section 5, decide when students will be able to view the video and whether or not to Track the Number of Views.

  10. Finally, click on Submit to save to post the link.

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