This article explains how to add a grading column to Blackboard's Grade Center.

  1. Log onto BlackboardNew Window and select the course you wish to work on.

  2. Select Full Grade Center from the Grade Center drop-down list on the Course Management menu.

    Grade Center drop-down list

  3. Click on the Create Column button on the Grade Center menu bar.

    Grade Center Create Column button

  4. In the Column Information section, give the column a name and provide an optional description.

    Grade Center Column Information Column Name section

  5. You can choose to set additional information, such as Primary Score, Secondary Score, and Category by selecting your choice from the drop-down lists.

    Grade Center Column Information Display Name and Category section

  6. Enter the number of Points Possible in the textbox or choose to associate a rubric and assign the rubric's maximum points as the Points Possible.

    Grade Center Column Information Points section

  7. In the Dates section, you can provide a due date by checking the box and clicking on the calendar and time icons to enter a due date and time.

    Grade Center Column Information Dates section

  8. In the Options section, you can choose whether to Include the Column in Grade Center Calculations, Show this Column to Students, and Show Statistics for this column to Students by selecting the appropriate radio buttons.

    Grade Center Column Information additional Options section

  9. When you are done click on the Submit button and the new column is added as the last column on the right in Grade Center.


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