This article will walk you through the steps necessary for linking videos stored on Mediasite to your Blackboard course.

(Note: Make sure that the uploaded videos on Mediasite have been made Viewable before continuing. The default is Private when you first upload videos. To check if it is set correctly, go to My MediasiteNew Window.)

  1. Navigate to the Content Area to which you wish to add the video.
  2. Click on the Tools drop-down and select Mediasite – Link to Presentation(s).

    Blackboard Tools drop-down menu.


  3. Next, search for the content you are looking for by clicking on the Search Presentations button.

    Blackboard search box to search for Presentation(s).


  4. Choose the Mediasite Content to which you wish to link by clicking on the appropriate check box.

    Mediasite article links with one checkbox checked.


  5. Click on the Plus sign next to the Title to see a small preview window.
  6. You can also change the Title name and provide a description.

    Blackboard window to change title and description of Mediasite presentations.


  7. Click Update to update the information.
  8. Click Submit.

    Submit button.

When you navigate back to the appropriate Content area, you will see that the content has been added.

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