This article explains how to make exceptions for Blackboard tests and quizzes.

  1. Once the test is created, exceptions are set in the Test Availability options. Begin by clicking Add User or Group under Test Availability Exceptions.

    Blackboard Test Availability Exceptions with Add User or Group circled.


  2. Select the student (or group) for whom the exception will be made.

    Check-box selected and circled for student for whom exception needs to be made.


  3. Set the options for number of Attempts, Time alloted, Test Availability, and Completion requirement.

    Students Attempts, Timer, Availability, and Completion options circled.


  4. Make sure to complete the availability options by clicking the calender icon under Availability. This determines when the test can be seen by the student (or group) for whom the exception is being made.

    Test Availability with Availability options and Save button circled.

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