This article provides a basic overview of file management in the Blackboard Content Collection.

The Content Collection provides instructors with a means of managing, organizing, and viewing all files used in Blackboard courses. Content located within the Blackboard Content Collection can be organized as desired using folders and sub-folders. The organization of content in the Content Collection is separate from the organization of content presented in a course. Some general notes about files in the Content Collection:

  • Files added to a course through the Content Collection do not take up space in the course.
  • Be careful to whom you grant write, remove, or manage permissions because your files and folders may be overwritten or entirely removed from the Content Collection.
  • When content is added to a course through the Content Collection, users of that course are automatically given Read permission.
  • Packaged files, such as those created by textbook manufacturers, must first be added to the Content Collection rather than first being added to a course. Courses can then link to these files.

File Options

Open — Opens the selected file.

360⁰ View — Shows if a file is linked to. It also provides information such as a file's owner, when it was created and by whom, when it was last edited, versions, and comments.

Edit — Allows for editing of file name and options

Overwrite File —  Allows the file to be over-written or replaced with another file.

Permissions — Options include whether others can read, write, remove, or manage a file.

Download Package — Files can be downloaded into a .zip package and stored locally.

Copy —  Creates an exact replica of that file. The file can be copied to the same location or a new location.

Move — Removes a file from its current location and stores it in a new location. File can be moved in batches.

Delete — Removes the item or folder from the Content Collection

By default, files added from a course are placed in a folder with the course name. A file in the Content Collection may be used in multiple courses just by linking to it. If the link is later deleted, the file still remains in the Content Collection and can be used again. Links to files in the Content Collection are dynamic, that is, they are not broken when files are modified or moved to another folder in the Content Collection.

Accessing Content Collection Files

Files for courses and organizations can be accessed through the Control Panel of any course or organization. Files are also searchable.

Blackboard Content Collection Menu with content collection links and search box.


By default, each course or organization has a content folder created for it, the first time the files area is access through that course or organization.


Blackboard Course Organization content folders with checkboxes.


Files can be sorted by File Type, Name, Date Last Edited, or Size.


Blackboard Panel showing how Files can be sorted.


The 360o provides a method for seeing if a file is linked and, if so, where.

Blackboard File Panel with 360 Degree View circled.


This image shows that the selected file is in use in the GTW103-E2 course.

Blackboard File link with file in use circled.

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