This article explains what CourseSites are and the steps to create an account and a course.

CourseSites by Blackboard, is a free online version of Blackboard (the Learning Management System utilized by the University) that allows users to upload and create courses at no cost. However, because it is free, there are a limited number of courses that can be created per user (5). CourseSites is set up exactly like Blackboard, which makes it a great tool to use for learning how to create courses in Blackboard.

1. To begin using CourseSites, a username and password needs to be created. Click here to go to the CourseSite homepage. Once on the home page, place cursor over Sign Up and select As Instructor.


CourseSites homepage with Sign Up circled. 


2. A new instructor account page will open. Fill out the Spaces accordingly. 


Create New Instructor Account window with text boxes indicated.


Before continuing on to the next step, fill out a response to the security code. Once the code is filled out select "Save and Continue" to move onto the next step.


Save and Continue button circled.


3. When presented with the options for how to proceed, select Create New Course.


Create New Course button circled.


The new course will need a name, an ID, and a discription.

The name, ID, and description will be visible and should tell users what the course is about. Once finished, select Save and Continue to move on to the next page.


Create New Course page with text boxes numbered.


4. Invite Students

The last step in signing up and creating a course is inviting students. If this course is for Blackboard Training at The University of Tampa, select Customize Course to bypass this step.


Invite Students page with Customize Course button circled.


At this point, the user may be directed to the Blackboard learn page and asked to set up a profile.

If this page appears, select "I'll do it later".

Blackboard LearnPage with I'll do it later circled.

5. Before viewing the course, a quick setup guide will appear. It covers the following:

  1. Set up the course
  2. Choose a structure for the course
  3. Choose a theme for the course

Quick Setup Guide with Apply Changes circled.

Choose the default setting for numbers 2 and 3, and select "Apply Changes".

Quick Setup Guide with Existing Menu circled under Choose a Course Structure.

This is the Blackboard Learn home screen.

The newly created course will be located under "My Classes."

Blackboard Learn home screen with newly created course circled.


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