This article explains how to create a Discussion Board Thread that includes an in-line photo.

  1. Choose Create Thread.

    Blackboard Create Thread Button.


  2. Type a subject and body for your thread. When finished, place the cursor where the image should appear, then choose the image icon (bottom row, third icon).
    Blackboard Thread message box with instructions to click on double chevron if editing tools do not appear


  3. Choose Browse My Computer to search for the desired photo.

    Blackboard Image Search window General tab used to attach photo from Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection


  4. Once the photo is attached, type an Image Description (This description is used by screen readers for the visually impaired and should be specific.)

    Blackboard Image Search window General tab with attached photo and Image Description text box filled in


  5. From the Appearance tab, choose how the text should wrap around the image.

    Blackboard Blackboard Image Search window Appearance tab selected with Left sected from Alignment drop down list


  6. Choose the Insert button to insert the image.
    Blackboard Insert Button to insert image.


  7. Tip: To enlarge the working canvas, drag from the lower, right corner (next to the word count) to enlarge.

    Image showing how to enlarge by dragging lower, right corner of working canvas.


  8. The image can be re-sized by clicking on the image and dragging the corners.

    Image to show resizing option.


  9. Edits can be made to the image at any time, by right-clicking on the image and choosing Image.

    Options Menu opened by right clicking on image to make required changes.


  10. The image below, show the edited text alignment.

    Image showing text alignment.


  11. When the image and discussion board text are laid out as desired, choose Submit.
    Blackboard Submit Button.EdTech CC-By-NC-SA License