This article provides instructions for enrolling users in Blackboard courses or organizations.

(Note: Students are enrolled in academic courses as part of a batch process. Enrolling is typically done manually for non-academic uses).

  1. Under the Control Panel, chooses Users and Groups, then Users.

    Control Panel with Users circled under Users and Groups.
  2. Click Find Users to Enroll.

    Find Users to Enroll button circled.

  3. If the users' names are known, enter them, separtated by commas (or paste them); if the user names are unknown, choose Browse. (Note: that when browsing, users are selected one-by-one.)

  4. When browsing for names, choose the drop-down arrows to search by first or last name (whichever is less common).

    Search drop-down list arrows and Go button circled.
  5. Place a check mark next to the correct user and then Submit.

    Checkbox selected for user to add.

  6. The previous step, populates the username field. Submit to enroll the user.

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