This tutorial will explain how to upload Text (Tab Delimited) file test questions created with an online Test Generator or in MS Excel into Blackboard 9.1. (These instructions were created for a PC. Some steps may be slightly different on a MAC.)

Sometimes it is easier to create test questions outside of Blackboard and then upload them at a later date into a particular test. The benefit of this is that you can create questions when you do not have direct access to Blackboard or find the Blackboard test creator difficult to maneuver. Once you have finished creating your questions and have saved them as a Text (Tab Delimited) file, follow these steps to upload them into a test in Blackboard.


  1. Open the Blackboard course to which you wish to upload the test .txt file.
  2. Click on Tests, Surveys, and Pools under the Course Tools drop-down list in Course Management.
  3. Click on Tests.

    Portion of  Tests, Surveys, and Pools window with Tests selected.

  4. Click on Build Test.

    Build Test button selected on Test window.

  5. Type a name for the text in the Name text box and provide an optional Description.

    Build Test window with test name entered in the Name text box.

  6. Click the Submit button.

  7. Next, click on Upload Questions.

    Upload Questions button selected.

  8. Click the Browse button and search for the file you wish to upload.

    Upload Questions window with Browse button selected.

  9. Select the file and click the Open button.

  10. Enter the points possible per question in the Points per question box.

    Points Per Question textbox with points possible entered.

  11. Click the Submit button.

  12. In Test Canvas, select the questions you want by clicking on the Check Box before each question or click Select: All.

  13. You can change the individual points per question or make a question extra credit by clicking on the score after Points to the right of the question.

    Individual question Points text box.

  14. In the Update Points window you can change the points awarded by typing in a new score in the Update Points: textbox and/or choose to make the question extra credit by clicking on the Extra Credit checkbox.

    Update Points text box with updated score entered.and/or

    Extra Credit check box with checkmark entered.

  15. Click the Submit button when you are done and the score will be updated.

  16. When you are finished making changes, click OK in the lower-right corner.

    OK button.

  17. Your test has now been added to your Testing Pool.

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