This tutorial will explain the basics of creating an MS Excel test that can be uploaded into Blackboard.

If you do not have access to the Internet or Blackboard, you can still create a test or quiz using MS Excel, save it to your computer or thumb drive, and upload it at a later time.

To create a test or quiz:

  1. Open an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Format and enter the appropriate information for the questions in a unique row/cell.
  3. Save the file as an Excel Workbook (*. xlsx) to reuse or edit at a later date
  4. Save the worksheet as a Text (Tab Delimited) (*.txt) file that you can upload into Blackboard.

Format the cells as follows:

Column A – Indicate Question Type

 Question TypeFormat
 Multiple Choice  MC
 True/False  TF
 Multiple Answer  MA
 Essays  ESS
 Ordering  ORD
 Matching  MAT
 Fill-In-Blanks  FIB
 Fill  FIL
 Numeric Response  NUM
 Short Respone  SR
 Multiple Fill-In-Blanks  FIB_PLUS
 Opinion/Likert Scale  OP
 Jumbled Sentence  JUMBLED_SENTENCE
 Quiz Bowl  QUIZ_BOWL


Column B – Question Text
Column C – Correct Answer – for single answer questions. For ESS and SR questions, the field can be left blank or an additional prompt or sample response can be provided.


  • Include only one question per row.
  • The first field in every row defines the type of question.
  • Separate each field in a row using a TAB.
  • Correct, incorrect, true, false and other words that identify answers must be in English.

For questions with multiple answers, the subsequent columns must indicate if the answers are correct or incorrect.

Cell A1= question type "MC"
Cell B1=question; "What year was Hawaii granted statehood?"

Cell C1 = possible answer "1949"
Cell D1 = result if C1 was selected "incorrect"
Cell E1 = possible answer "1959"
Cell F1 = result if E1 was selected "correct"
Cell G1 = possible answer "1969"
Cell H1 = result if G1 was selected "incorrect"

Example question formats:

 BbExcelTestUpload01 01

For more sample question formats see Tips & Tricks


After you have finished creating the questions, the file should be saved as a an Excel Workbook for easy editing later

Save as Excel Workbook option.


a Tab Delimited, .txt file to upload into Blackboard

Save as Text Tab delimited option.

You can then uploaded the .txt file into Blackboard using the Test, Surveys, and Pools tool from the Course Tools section of the Control Panel.

See Uploading Test QuestionsNew Window.

or watch a short video at Uploading Test Questions From Microsoft ExcelNew Window.

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