This tutorial explains the Blackboard Course Structure options.

Course structures are predefined course materials such as course menu links, instructions, and content examples that you can add to your course to begin the design process quickly.

  • A selected course structure's content is added to your course and does not replace existing menu items and content in your course.
  • A selected course structure's links appear at the top of your course menu.
  • You can edit or delete course structure content in the same way as other created or imported content.
  • The optional content examples are guidelines for creating your own course material. This content is set to unavailable so that students cannot view it.


  1.  To access Course Structures, go to the Control Panel, choose Customization, then Teaching Style.
    Blackboard Customization Menu with Teaching Style and drop-down arrow circled.


  2. Choose a style based on your needs. In this example, Experential Learning is selected. Notice that you can revert back to the Existing Menu by choosing that option.

    Blackboard Control Panel with Experential Learning and Existing Menu indicated.


  3. A preview of how the menu will appear will be shown as in the image below.

    Experential Learning Menu.


  4. Once you are satisfied with the choice, choose Use This Structure.

    Experential Learning Menu with Use This Structure circled.


  5. Within this area, you can also choose the course Entry Point, that is the default area will students will land when entering the course. Note: that only existing areas will be shown. If you wish the entry point to be, say, Announcements, this area must first be created.

    Blackboard Select Course Entry Point Box with Content selected as the Entry Point.

  6. This area is also where you will find choices for text or button links and the options for customizing the look of these links.

    Blackboard Select Menu Style Box with options listed for Preview and Style.


  7. You can also choose to have a custom course banner. You can create your own banner or you can use the UT banner creator found at UT Blackboard Banner GeneratorNew Window. There are instructions for using this utility on this pageNew Window.
    Blackboard Select Banner Menu with Browse My Computer circled.


  8. Make sure to Submit all your changes.

    Submit Button.

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