This article provides an overview of the My Edu social profile in Blackboard.

My Edu is a social networking tool inside Blackboard Learn that allows other Blackboard users to see your photo, view information of your choosing, and invite you to collaborate.

  1. To begin creating your social profile and MyEdu account select on your name (found in the top, right corner of your Blackboard window). This area is the Global Navigation menu.

    Global Navigation menu showing the name on social profile.

  2. Once the Global Navigation menu opens, choose the silhouette.

    Global Navigation menu with silhouette circled.

  3. Read the terms of service (TOS), check the box indicating that you have read the TOS, then select Agree.

    Terms of Service with Agree button circled.

  4. Enter your primary e-mail adress and press Submit.

    Email input page with textbox and Submit button circled.
  5. Choose, I don't have a MyEdu Account.

    New Profile page with I Don't Have A MyEdu Account circled.

  6. Enter your name. Next, use the drop-down arrows to enter whether you attend (students) or are employed by (faculty and staff) UT.

  7. Type a few letters to find The University of Tampa and choose it. Then choose Done.

    I am employed by window with The University of Tampa (FL) circled.

  8. Once your My Edu account is created, choose who can see you, through Privacy Settings. Once set, select Done.

    Privacy Policy settings page with My Instituition selected.
  9. Choose View Your Profile to customize it.

    Confimation Screen with View Your Profile button circled.
  10. Choose Settings and Privacy.

    Settings & Privacy button circled.

  11. If you'd like to add an image, choose Change Picture.

    Change Picture button circled.
  12. Choose Upload. Note the image criteria listed.

    Upload button circled to change picture.

  13. Once the image is uploaded, you'll have the option to crop by moving the selection box around. When you are satisfied with the image, choose Save.

    Picture upload box showing option to crop the image and save seleted.

  14. Notice that your avatar does not yet appear in Global Navigation menu.

  15. Once you log off and log back on, your image will appear in the Global Navigation window as shown below.

    MyEdu main page showing the image of the user and name circled.
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