This article explains how to create content in the Blackboard Content Collection.

There are two types of content that make up the Content Collection:

  • Folders - Folders may contain subfolders and/or files.
  • Items - Items can be any type of file. The most common file types are .pdf, .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx. (Note: To the extent possible, video files should be placed in the Content Collection; they should be linked to. For help with this, please contact the Educational Technology Department.)

  Creating Folders

  1. Access the Content Collection.
  2. Navigate to the area that will contain the new folder.
  3. On the action bar, click Create Folder.
  4. Provide a name for the folder
  5. Click Create and Customize to set options for the folder.
  6. Click Submit when finished.

Creating Items

  1. Access the Content Collection.
  2. Navigate to the location and folder that will contain the item.
  3. Click Upload and select either Upload Files or Upload Package.
  4. Choose your options, such as Lock File, Share Comments, Enable Versioning, and Enable Tracking.
  5. Click Submit.

NOTE: Files with the same name may be overwritten by checking the box for this option.

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