This tutorial provides an overview of the Blackboard Content Collection.

Blackboard’s Content Collection is a file repository that allows faculty to store, manage, and share content. Since the Content Collection is a component of Blackboard Learn, it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Files can be easily reused and linked to from any Blackboard course. When a file that is stored in the Content Collection needs updating, faculty need to update it only once, eliminating the need to go into each course to upload an updated version of the file.

From the Content Collection tab, there are five storage areas to which faculty have access:Blackboard Content Collection Menu.

My Content – Provides storage and management of personal or non course-specific files. Shared files and folders will not display under the My Content area.   

Course Content – Used to store folders and files for each course. Opening the Course Content area will display a folder for each course and allow you to see its content.

Organization Content – Functions the same as course content but for organizations

Institution Content – Used to store files for educational and administrative units. Departments or colleges can share files here.

Library Content – Used for eReserves or other library-related content. Only those with the librarian role have rights to post materials on eReserves. Faculty can add eReserves content to their Blackboard courses and students will have Read permissions to these files.

Faculty can use Bookmarks, which are links to a file or folder in the Content Collection. Bookmarks are convenient for opening folders that are accessed frequently or for remembering the location of a important, but seldom used or hard-to-find items.

The following link provides information on how to manage files in the Content CollectionNew Window.

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