This tutorial explains the features of the Blackboard Global Navigation Menu.

My Blackboard provides all users with quick and easy access to information regarding UT and offered courses. It also provides social networking tools. Students can view how they are doing in each course, view grades, and be reminded of upcoming assignments.

  1. To access the Global Navigation Menu, click the arrow next to your name.

    Global Navigation drop-down list arrow circled next to the users name.

  2. Rather than having to navigate to individual courses, organizations, or collaborative spaces, the navigation menu gives users a single point of acess for all posts, updates, calendars, people, messages, and learning spaces. Faculty also have access to the retention center and students have access to grades.

Global Navigation menu.

Here are the explanations of each feature:

Profile: Selecting the silhouette or photo if one has been uploaded allows one to define a personal identity.

Home: Opens the main global navigation menu and gives an expanded view of each feature.

Posts: Allows users to see all posts from the past seven days independent of the course, organization or space

Updates: A list of notifications alerting users to important events and information.

Retention Center (Faculty):Shows how students are doing in each class.

Grades (Students): Displays grades for each course.

Calendar: A central calendar for all courses and organizations.

People: A social community tool that allows users to interact with peers, instructors, or classmates.

Messages: These messages come from outside the individual course environments.

Spaces: Allows users to work collaboratively with others in the UT academic network.

Overview: To learn more about the Global Navigation Menu, check out this Overview videoNew Window.

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