This tutorial explains how to set limits for the courses and organizations shown in Blackboard's Global Navigation Menu.

Once you have logged in to Blackboard, the Global Navigation Menu is always located in the upper right-hand corner of the display. Clicking your name or selecting the small triangle activates a pull-down menu where shortcuts are provided. Next to the triangle may be a small number in a red square indicating that changes, notifications, and updates have been made in any of your courses since the last login.

  1. Click on the Global Navigation menu to expand it, then choose Settings.

    Global Navigation menu with Settings circled.

  2. When the Setting menu opens, choose Personal Information.

    Personal Information circled in Settings drop-down list.

  3. When the Personal Information menu opens, choose Personalize My Settings.

    Personal Information page with Personalize My Settings circled.

  4. Limit the courses and organizations that appear by entering a value in the days boxes as shown below.

    Courses and Organization visited in past number of days circled.EdTech CC-By-NC-SA License