This tutorial will explain how to distribute a form by email once it has been created and saved.

After you create a form, you can choose one of three methods for sending it to recipients.

  1. Open the form you wish to distribute.

  2. Choose Tools > Forms > Distribute.

    Tools menu with Distribute selected under Forms section.

  3. A series of messages might appear, depending on the conditions Acrobat detects in your form. Respond to the onscreen instructions as needed, and save the form.

  4. You are given three choices for a distribution and collection method:

    Adobe FormsCentral
    Automatically distribute, collect, and analyze data using FormsCentral online subscription service.
    Collect responses in your email inbox.
    Internal Server
    Distribute and collect responses on an internal server such as SharePoint or Network Folder.

  5. Select the Email radio button.

    Distribute Form menu with Email radio button and continue selected.

  6. Choose Continue and follow the onscreen instructions for distributing the form.

  7. You now how two choices to distribute and collect responses in your email inbox:

    Send using Adobe Acrobat
    Save a local copy and manually send it later.

  8. Select the Send using Adobe Acrobat radio button and click Next.

  9. Enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s) in the text box and click Send.

  10. Next, select the radio button for how you would like to send the email:

    Default email application (Microsoft Outlook)
    Use Webmail (Yahoo, G mail, Other)

    (Note: Always use the your UT Microsoft Outlook account when conducting UT business for security purposes.)

    Send Email window with Use Email radio button selected and Select email options drop-down list open..

  11. Click Continue.

  12. Your form will be sent and the Tracker window will open.

    Tracker window.


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